Dispensing Quality

Sales Process

For us to supply ‘free-on-loan’ dispense equipment, we need to know that resultant sales will be commercially viable. We’ll be as keen to know what equipment you need and how many Bag-in-Box’s you’re likely to use – as you will be to find out if our drinks are suitable in terms of taste and price! Please help our Sales Managers by guiding them on this information prior to their attendance. If the information is accurately shared it also helps us specify the correct grade of equipment. We’ll often sample drinks, conduct the survey and assign a trading agreement all during a first meeting! Please contact us for verification; our office will provide the mobile number and email address of the correct Sales Manager covering your region.

Installation Criteria

Whether Riviera Drinks Co can justify equipment investment or not, depends entirely on how much technical equipment is required versus how many Bag-in-Box’s will be purchased! Naturally if your venue has 4 cellars and requires 16 dispense guns; then we need to evidence that syrup throughput will justify this larger investment. Very simply though, it’s unlikely that our business model will support supplying any equipment if your average annual throughput is less than 100 x 10lt Bag-in-Box’s. We are a lower-cost product, thus have lower margins than major brands – but we still supply top specification technical equipment. For clarity and a more detailed assessment, please contact one of our team who’ll happily discuss your needs.

Trading Agreement

Assuming you wish to stock our range and we’re happy to provide the equipment needed, then what happens next? We will only book your premises for an installation once our ‘Conditions for Loan of Equipment’ document has been signed. This is important for us as it provides a record of our expectations, but vitally also gives Riviera Drinks Co a track of our valuable equipment assets. The document has two pages of terms & conditions but essentially emphasises that the equipment provided always remains our property. There is an obligation for our clients to dispense just Riviera syrups, look after it and ultimately ensure its safe return to us should it no longer be required. We are a commercial business, but also operate with total clarity, fairness and to widely accepted ‘industry standards’ / so if there are any clauses relating to our agreement that need further explanation – please do not hesitate to ask.


We service and repair all equipment free of charge. This naturally assumes equipment is subject to just normal ’wear & tear’. Our Sales Managers are trained engineers and can often advise / fix smaller issues, but are supported by our team of highly skilled specialist technicians who service equipment at regular intervals. This preventative approach best assures drinks service is never interrupted. This website contains care advice and also a ‘maintenance’ section – as very often an issue can be quickly solved without our attendance. However, if one of our own technicians does need to visit, we offer industry leading technical support. For a non-critical issue, we will ordinarily attend within a couple of days depending on our journey planning and when you next need to serve drinks. For ‘critical’ / ‘non-dispense’ breakdowns, we will invariably attend within 24 hours. However, late-night venues must accept that technicians working hours are typically 8am-9pm. We offer support 365 days of the year and are proud of this commitment!

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